CTC – Organizational Announcement on Behalf of Rich Kreider-VP of Logistics

Ray Pollum, Senior Manager - Logistics

-Ray Pollum, Senior Manager – Logistics

Ray Pollum, Senior Manager- Logistics

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Ray Pollum to the position of Senior Manager- Logistics. In this role, Ray will be responsible for the safe utilization of the Company’s vessel and barge assets where great customer service is of the utmost priority. In addition, Ray will have responsibility for providing direction related to on-going development of the Company’s Barge Ops. System. Kristin Hart, Logistics Manager- Upper Ohio Towing, Kristen Stojakovich, Logistics Manager- Lower Ohio & Third Party Towing, and Steve Johnson, Logistics Coordinator- Covered Barges, and Third Party Towing Support will report to Ray effective immediately. Ray will report to me.

Kristen Stojakovich, Manager - Lower Ohio and Third Party Towing

-Kristen Stojakovich, Manager – Lower Ohio and Third Party Towing

Kristen Stojakovich, Manager- Lower Ohio and Third Party Towing

I am also pleased to announce, as referenced above, the promotion of Kristen Stojakovich to the position of Manager – Lower Ohio & Third party towing. Kristen will be responsible for supporting, growing, and improving the efficiency of CTC’s Third Party Towing Services and overseeing CTC’s Lower Ohio freight program. Bob Deloreto, Logistics Coordinator- will oversee CTC’s Third Party towing program and report to Kristen. Shannon Secreti, Logistics Administrative Assistant will also report to Kristen. Kristen will report to Ray Pollum.