CTC Receives Signal’s Safety Leadership Award

Georgetown, Pennsylvania was the site of Campbell Transportation Company’s quarterly safety meeting and luncheon. It was the perfect setting for Signal to present the 2016/17 Safety Leadership award to Campbell’s president, Mike Monahan. In a true show of Campbell’s secret to safety success, Mr. Monahan immediately asked the safety committee to step forward and accept the award as the true deserving recipients. Campbell Transportation Company has been a Signal Member since 2012. Signal’s Dallas-based Vice President of Safety, Gunther Hoock, was also glad to sample the homemade beef and chicken BBQ, which he declared Texas worthy. There is no higher praise. Congratulations!

L to R: Gunther Hoock and Mike Monahan

L to R: Chris Grant, Bill Hughes, Dale Work and Jim Blake

















Article Credit: Soundings June 2018 Volume XV /Issue VI Page 4